WindowSeat Support

Helpdesk April 6, 2012 Announcements

** Major Update ** - WindowSeat now requires iOS 4.3. if for any reason you are having problems upgrading to the newest version 1.7, please delete the app from your device and reinstall the app from the app store. You will not be charged again.

- Updated for Retina iPad
- Plane now glows to allow easier identification
- Points of Interests now feature larger images and clearer text
- Points of Interests database has been upgraded with new images
- Added additional departure airports
- Adjusted ascent/descent time to better reflect real-world performance
- Upgraded internal components

- Rudimentary External GPS Support - Requires a compatible external GPS device such as the Dual XGPS150 ( or Bad Elf GPS ( Optional feature switch located in settings. Please note certain airlines do not permit the use of GPS. Please follow all crew member instructions.

Please contact support at for assistance. If you have any suggestions on Points of Interests additions or corrections, we'd like to hear from you too. Happy Flying!